TEAM PHOTOS – Travels & Visitors


Photos are compliments of WOGA and WOGAPC, thanks to Heather Maynez, Ruth Judson, Tonya Cooper, Rich Tate, Brian Jones, Melissa Perenson, and Gordon Estes for photos and videos.
Team Trips & International Visitors photographer
2007 Latvia – Sergei’s Level 10-Elites Parents
2008 Canada – Club de gymnastique artistique Visit WOGA Plano  Train & party with Laruent and Cecile’s Teams
2008 France – Massilia Cup – Lauent & Cecile’s Optional Team & Nastia Parents and Gymnasts & H. Maynez
2008 Japan – Sergei’s Level 10 & Elites, Pavel and Emmanuel Parents
2009 German National Team visits Plano Nils Bohl
2010 German Anja Rheinbay trains at WOGA Plano Parents
2010 Itlay – Ginnastics Alma Juventus Fano trains at WOGA Plano Parents
2010 Italy – Valeri’s Elites train in Fano Italy Parents & Nastia
2011 France – French National Team Trains in Frisco R. Judson & H. Maynez